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Hey all,

HyperZone public beta has now been released!
So let me update you on what's been going on these past few weeks:

The pack is still in beta so to clarify, that means that changes are still being made, and the economy could be subject to reset. Though unlikely, there could also be a chance of corruption to the world while the server is being worked on as it is in beta. So please understand that by coming on you accept that (but we all hope that doesn't happen, of course).

This is not the official launch, this is our way of saying thank you to the players who have been keeping an eye on the forums and sticking with us through this transition.

New owner and name
HyperZone is the name of the server now and has been taken over by jHyper3d (who most of you probably already know). He is an excellent programmer, active player and a more than capable owner.
This is also the official website now, it has a forums like the old site and has pretty much the same functionality. It looks slightly different but there is still a place for suggestions and reimbursements and everything else like the old forums.

Custom modpack
The talented Dehietyi and Yotsune, our two CodeMonkeys (which is a new rank) have worked hard on putting together this custom modpack. There's many old mods all old players should know, and some new ones I'm sure people will be excited to explore and learn. When I have a list of all the mods I will link it here.

What you actually care about
We are now on FTB. To install the pack simply go to '3rd party packs' then at the top right hand side there is 'pack code', the pack code is: hyperzone
Server address is:
We have a temporary TeamSpeak. Embryo was kind enough to let us use his private one while we work on setting ours up. The address is:

Ensure your launcher has more than 2GB of RAM allocated to it or you'll lag and likely not be able to launch the pack. It has fastcraft pre-installed which should help people with non-gaming PC's.

Feel free to leave questions below, I hope to see you on!
Thanks for being patient and sticking with us,

To comment please go here: Launch Announcement

    Server Upgrade Complete!
The maintenance is complete, the server is once again running

02 Apr 2015 - Server RAM upgrade

    Server Upgrade!
The Server is currently down for maintenance. There are currently no time-frame for when it will be up again.
The main purpose of this maintenance is to increase the server RAM capacity from 6GB to 20GB

25 Mar 2015 - SOFT-LAUNCH

    Here we go!
We have started a soft-launch of the server. The worlds has been reset along with the playerfiles so everything is fresh and clean. A group of players have been invited to play on the server. Unless no major issues apear we will be able to launch in April
    The Modpack has been combined together and the inner working of the mods has configured.
We have started testing the modpack to make sure everything is working as intended and to iron out the remaining bugs that might apear.
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