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18 May 2015 - Server back up

The server is back up and running!

Due to some complications with the operating system the server will be closed until 5/19/2015 for maintenance.  We hope that everyone who is loyal to this community will stick this through with us.  We hope to have a completely stable server to bring out of beta soon.  So for now, go
Hi all,

So in the past week or so there's been multiple corruptions due to people overloading inventories.
To clarify, do not put modded inventories within inventories.

For example, if you filled a bunch of ME drives and put them in a golden pouch or chest, and say th

10 May 2015 - Mall Open

The mall is now open for players to purchase shops.  To get to the mall you can do /spawn and walk or you can do /warp mall.  There are 4 colored corridors in the mall and an admin shop in the middle.  Currently the yellow corridor is the only one open, we would like to fill those sho

29 Apr 2015 - Server update April

    Server Updated
-The modpack has been updated to 1.0.4.
-The Jobs payouts have been tweaked to make a more stable economy.
-The mall has been build, prices are to come soon.
-Some tweaks have been made to the permissions to prepare them for a "change"
-New rank has been created called [Helper] For the time it will be a temp rank given to players that helps the staff with projects and need special permissions to do so.
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